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Is fapturbo a scam

The Fapturbo Review: Scam or Not?

By: | 01/05/2014


When I first got introduced to the Forex market I was instantly intrigued by automated trading programs.

The idea of a computer program automatically making trades seemed too good to be true. So hoping this wasn't a scam, I purchased what looked like the most popular program on the market, Fapturbo.

Looking back, I am not sure what really attracted me to Fapturbo. While the thought of “1000%” returns was very appealing, the size of the scroll bar on their website should have been enough to scare me away. (For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Fapturbo’s website, I would recommend doing so even just to see the awe-inspiring size of their homepage.)

Even if the layout of the website wasn't enough, I did enjoy the testimonials from “actual” customers. These collection of traders all swear by the performance, but I am guessing that if the program was able to achieve 99.96% accuracy and 10,607% profit with only 0.32% drawdown, there would be no need for Victor from Germany to give his dubbed-over “review”.

Coming back to my experiences with actually using Fapturbo, I was almost instantly unsatisfied with my purchase. The installation process was confusing and unclear. Even looking at the settings and parameters made me want to give up and crawl back to bed. I then had the brilliant idea to reach out to the customer service hotline, surely they would help. 5 phone calls, 10 emails and 20 days later with no response, I changed my questions about the settings to asking for a full refund.

During this time I let the program run while I tried to figure out the numerous and unexplained settings. The so-called “expert guides” were no help and only included contradicting, equally confusing information. While Fapturbo isn’t necessarily a scam; it does make automated trades in the forex market on MetaTrader 4. However, the program does not make money, the customer service is nonexistent, and they contested my refund until the very end. What more can you expect from the self-proclaimed “ultimated 100% automated Forex Money Machine”? There must be a better way.